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Can A Pregnant Woman Take Mebendazole

Exposure to mebendazole at any stage in pregnancy would not usually be regarded as medical grounds for termination of pregnancy or any additional fetal monitoring. However, other risk factors may be present in individual cases which may independently increase the risk of adverse pregnancy outcome.

  • Studies of a small number of pregnant women taking mebendazole in early pregnancy have shown no link with miscarriage. A study of around 2,500 pregnant women taking mebendazole did not shown any links with stillbirth, premature delivery (before 37 weeks of pregnancy), very low birth weight in the baby (less than 1,500g), or the baby dying soon after birth.

  • Probably not: Mebendazole has shown activity damaging to the infant in pregnant rats at oral doses approximately equal to the human dose. The use of Mebendazole is... Read More

  • Routine use of mebendazole in pregnancy. It may not be necessary to treat all pregnant women in Sri Lanka with anthelmintics, as some areas have a low prevalence of infection. Routine anthelmintic therapy could-be limited to areas where prevalence rates are known to be high.

Can A Pregnant Woman Take Mebendazole

Can A Pregnant Woman Take Mebendazole

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